About Me

Massimo Busciolano

Massimo Busciolano is a cigar connoisseur and an enthusiast of cuban culture.

From 2004 to 2009 he collaborated with the Casa del Habano in Rome, Italy.

He organizes:

  • Events
  • Courses on cigar culture
  • Dinners & tastings

He also holds periodic meetings for both cigar aficionados and novices, in which he is at hand for any kind of curiosity (see Events section).
His biography:

February 2004, first trip to Havana

April 2004, beginning of collaboration with La Casa del Habano

February 2005, second trip to Havana

February 2006, third trip to Havana

February 2007, fourth trip to Havana

February 2008, fifth trip to Havana

July 2009, end of collaboration with La Casa del Habano

Collaborated from 2004 to 2009 with FIT’s magazine Smoking

February 2011, sixth trip to Havana

June 2012, seventh trip to Havana with the Elite Rome Cigar Club

October 2012, eighth trip to Havana

February 2013, ninth trip to Havana

October 2013, tenth trip to Havana

February 2014, eleventh trip to Havana

For specific requests and any kind of enquiries, contact me.