“Anamaria Muresan„

Anamaria is from Bucharest and she is  cigar and politics aficionado! Also, she is the president of the all-women’s cigar club in Romania called, VVVomen Cigar & Pipe Club.
when did you start to smoke cigar?
I started to smoke cigars 4 years ago. My best friend talked me all about them.
do you have a favorite size?
My favorite size is robusto, I think ..It depends on the cigar, the way it was constucted.
when do you start your first cigar of the day?
So, I don’t have a time on a day when I start my first cigar. I smoke when I’m going out with my friends, have events, or when I feel that I need the supreme relax. It’s about feeling, not about << time of the day>>.
what is the cigar for you?
For me, cigar is the “instrument” who makes me to go out of the line. Is the part of me who makes me feel special. In   a men’s world, when I’m lighting my cigar, I start to count.
what do you use to cut the cigar?
I cut my cigar with a classic cutter.
do you have a special place to smoke?
My special place to smoke is in the middle of my friends. For me, the company matters more than place.
how many cigars do you smoke per day?
I’m not smokin’ every day, but, It depends, 2-3 cigars.

suggest a pairing…a cigar with….

Padron 1926 With  series maduro Ron Zacapa Etiqueta Negra  will definetly  take you in the Heaven!

Thank you very much Anamaria, good ashes.

-Massimo Busciolano-


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