“Cohiba Talisman EL2017„

Talisman is Cohiba 2017 limited ediction, a great cigar for one of the most famous Cubans cigars brands. Talisman ring gauge 54 mm 154 and his head pig tail could reminds Behike 54 but the dark color of his wrappers makes the difference. As most of Cohiba’s production, Talisman is not so easy to find, so…

“La Gloria Cubana Invictos„

La Gloria Cubana Invictos is the  Italia Regional Ediction for 2017. Made in 8800 boxes, it’s a robustos size, ring gauge 50 mm124 with strenght between mild and medium. Though it was a 2017 release, some boxes are still available. Another good cigars to add to your collection. Good ashes -Massimo Busciolano-

“Ediciones Regionales„

Let’s talk about Ediciones Regionales. These cigars are produced by less famous brands. They are produced in unusual sizes of the brand and in individually numbered boxes. These cigars have a second red and silver band that identify the distribution territory for which they were produced. -Massimo Busciolano-

“Montecristo Linea 1935„

Habanos, S.A. launches the Línea 1935 under the Montecristo brand. Three new vitolas are incorporated into the brand’s regular portfolio; these will become the most premium Habanos offered by this brand. Two of the three vitolas are unprecedented in the Habanos portfolio: Maltés (53 x 153 mm) and Dumas (49 x 130 mm), while Leyenda (55 x 165 mm) takes the form…

“H Upmann Robustos Anejados„

H Upmann Robustos Anejados already made, have been aged in Cuba for 5 or more years, in perfect conditions of conservation, which has allowed them to gain nuances and complexity without losing their initial organoleptic characteristics. H. Upmann Robustos Añejados are presented as a Special Edition in limited quantities and in a single launch in…