”Chaina Nickole„

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Chaina “Chai” Dobbins moved to Atlanta in 2008 in pursuit of higher education. Upon graduation from Spelman College, she was drawn to the air of entrepreneurship and flexibility offered by the city and opted to remain in Atlanta. There, she was introduced to the cigar culture as a server at Highland Cigar Company. Within 2 years, Chaina was named General Manager, and what happened in between – and since- has equipped her with a certain passion, knowledge and set of skills to propel a vision of further consistency, camaraderie and expansion within the community. These experiences led to her creation of Mix Mingle Indulge, a SOTL-led group dedicated to uplifting and celebrating the many facets of this vibrant lifestyle. As a server, Chaina understands the importance of a community of consumers. As a manager, she understands the significance of quality over quantity. As a consumer, she values honesty and consistency. As a leader, she hopes to mend these realities into a cohesive reality for fellow “people of the leaf”.

When did you start smoking cigars?
Summer 2014 – when I began working at Highland Cigar Company in Atlanta.
Do you have a favorite size?
I prefer the slender sizes: coronas and lanceros are my favorite, but I enjoy petite coronas, lonsdales and churchills as well. I also LOVE cigarillos.
When does your first cigar of the day start?
Some days I’ll have one as early as 10 am, other days I don’t get to have one at all. *sad face*
What is the cigar for you?
LFD is probably my favorite brand. The Chapter I is a real gem. I also love La Palina, Caldwell, AVO, 7-20-4 and Room 101 (RIP). As you can see, I’m partial to Dominican and Honduran blends. In general, I love something with tons of flavor, smooth draw and solid body.
What is used to cut the cigar?
I typically use a guillotine or my thumbnail when that’s not available (ha). But depending on the smoke, I may opt for a V-cut (esp torpedos) or punch.
Do you have a special place to smoke?
Highland Cigar Co. in Atlanta is my absolute favorite place to smoke. I also love a nice smoke right at home. Something about the comfort of home with the indulgent luxury of a cigar is just so lovely!
How many cigars do you smoke per day?
Some days 3 or 4, other days none at all.
It was a real pleasure to meet you. Good ashes.
-Massimo Busciolano-

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