“Christine Moss„

Hi I am Christine, a 47 year old corporate professional and mother to 2 adult daughters, and a white dog, a boxer boy named Spirit.

I am currently entertaining several business ventures that will pull me out of corporate America and into self employment; I’m pretty excited about that. I am a self proclaimed shoe-aholic owning over 150 pair of shoes and boots which is down from 300+ Downsizing sucks! :)

My favorite color is white and my favorite season is Autumn, the best season for boots.

 When did you start smoking cigars?

I started smoking cigars in 2007 When an old friend asked me to hold his Cohiba while he stepped away to get drinks.  LOL I didn’t wanna look crazy so I started to smoke it and actually liked it. I was a cigarette smoker at the time so I didn’t fully appreciate the full flavor and effect of a cigar until about a year after I quit smoking cigarettes. It was like a new love affair.

Do you have a favorite size?

I’ve come to realize that I smoke a lot of Churchill but I am happier with a larger gauge on a shorter stick. A  6X60 seems to be where I’m most comfortable.

When does your first cigar of the day start?

Although I smoke in my home I also work from home so I don’t smoke daily. When I do it is usually in the mid/late afternoon once the stresses of the day have piled up and I need to blow some of them out.

What is the cigar for you?

My palate is ever changing. Currently I am really into The TK by Don Kiki/Karen Berger. It ranks in my top 3 with the Black Mamba by DILLIGAF cigar company and The Upsetters- Rock Steady by Foundation Cigars. I don’t leave the house without one of each.

What is used to cut the cigar?

I am really fond of my Xikar XO cutter. Although I have a Colibri V as well, My XO gets most of the cuts.

Do you have a special place to smoke?

I love to smoke amongst other smokers so I do patronize the lounges local to whatever city I happen to be in at the time. Cigars Etc. 2 in Charlotte, NC. Cigars 210 when I’m in the DMV area. And in my current city Anstead’s Cigar lounge in Fayetteville, NC. Just to name a few.

How many cigars do you smoke per day? I can’t say that I smoke daily but I would say anywhere from 4-8 per week would be a good guess depending on what’s going on. As the weather changes this will likely change because I can smoke on my deck or at least open windows to avoid smoking out my house. :)

 It was a real pleasure talk to you about cigars. Thanks for your time. Good ashes.

-Massimo Busciolano-

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