“Cohiba Talisman EL2017„

Talisman is Cohiba 2017 limited ediction, a great cigar for one of the most famous Cubans cigars brands.

Talisman ring gauge 54 mm 154 and his head pig tail could reminds Behike 54 but the dark color of his

wrappers makes the difference.

As most of Cohiba’s production, Talisman is not so easy to find, so I suggest to buy a box when and if you will meet it.

Please don’t be afraid if you will find Talisman boxes with 2019 date, Habanos SA made another limited production…you know when a cigar is good…

Enjoy your Talisman if you get it and try to pair with Rum Vigia Gran Reserva 18YO, it will be a real blast.

-Massimo Busciolano-

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  1. Larry Hails
    Larry Hails 5 mesi ago .Rispondi

    Would love to smoke one very soon

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