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Cigars Aficionados, I am glad to introduce you Denise Morales.
She is a 42 year old latino woman born and raised in “The Big Apple”.  She currently resides on Long Island, in Suffolk County New York. She is of latin descent as both her parents are native of Puerto Rico. She prides herself in being an educated professional working in the field of social work.
When did you start to smoke cigars?
Truthfully, I have only been smoking cigars for approximately one year.
However, after my first experience smoking a cigar,  I immediately became captivated and quite the aficionado,  if I may add.
Prior  to cigars, I smoked cigarettes for almost 20 years, which helped me to assimilate quickly.
Why did you start to smoke cigars?
After I quit smoking cigarettes almost 6 years ago (and as hard as it was to quit), I never thought I would ever smoke anything again, let alone cigars. However,  it came easy for me. Especially since both my mother and sister are avid cigar smokers. I would have to give my older sister the credit for introducing me to the “cigar world”, if you will. My sister, @Cigarfemme, is an avid cigar smoker with a much greater passion for the lifestyle than I will ever have.  Since then, I’ve been totally hooked.
How many cigars do you smoke per day?
I have smoked as many as three cigars  in one day. Typically,  I only smoke once a day.  This is primarily because my daily work schedule does not afford me the time to enjoy a good smoke.  So unfortunately,  I have to wait until I get home from work.
Which is the best place you have smoked a cigar?
I prefer to smoke in the comfort of my home, where I can relax, and enjoy a good cigar and cocktail after a long day.
 The best place for me to smoke is outside in my patio, where I can enjoy the weather (rain or shine), as I cook on the grill, sit and enjoy a  cocktail, or just simply rest in my hammock.
During the winter months (I live in NY), I enjoy smoking in my loft, where its cozy and private.
What do you use to cut a cigar?
I use a standard double bladed cutter for the most part. However,  I’ve recently discovered the punch cutter, which is very convenient, and works best for those full body maduros that may be a little too strong for me.  Although I’m not beneath using other unconventional methods (my teeth or a  knife) when I can’t find my cutter.
How do you feel when you are smoking?
At times I get excited in anticipation of smoking a cigar.
I actually put some thought and effort into selecting the cigar and place to smoke it. Depending on my mood,  and the cigar I’ve chosen, my overall  goal is to simply relax and enjoy the experience of a good smoke.
On other occassions,  during the course of smoking, I will experience deeper emotions.  For me the experience can also  be extremely erotic, sensual,  and pleasurable to say the least.
When do you light your first cigar?
Usually,  I light my first cigar in the evening. As previously indicated, I don’t get much “down time” during the day. Otherwise, on my day off (when I’m not extremely busy), I  will light up in the morning, and indulge throughout the day.
What is the cigar for you?
The cigar primarily is an experience that allows me an outlet from the typical daily stressors of life.  It’s also my “guilty pleasure” which allows me time to go to my “happy place” and fantasize.
Thank you very much Denise, for the time spent for the interview. Good ashes.
-Massimo Busciolano-

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