“A Cigar Lounge in Rome„

I am very glad to let you know, there is  a cigar lounge in Rome. Between Piazza Barberini and

via Veneto you can find a place where you can enjoy a cigar in a warm and elegant place.

I guess I go there many times with MB members.

Last night I was there with some members and we spent great time together.

We are thinking to go there one time per week so if you will come to Rome and wanna share a cigar

with us, please let me know. I will glad to organize a cigar meeting for you, so you could enjoy more your Roman holidays.

Good ashes.

-Massimo Busciolano-

2 Responses to "“A Cigar Lounge in Rome„"

  1. Stephen Kiviat
    Stephen Kiviat 7 mesi ago .Rispondi

    Where is this club? Is a membership required?

  2. Massimo Busciolano
    Massimo Busciolano 7 mesi ago .Rispondi

    You can go to Aleph Hotel and it’s free, no need a membership

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