1)when did you start to smoke cigar?

I had my first cigar with my grandfather … I used to roll them for him.. Real Dominican top of the line leaves.. And he would let me take a puff or two. But then I really did not start smoking until I was 28…

2)why did you start to smoke cigar?

My ex husband loved them and I hate it the taste in his mouth and smell on his clothing.. So I said to myself: if he can’t stop smoking… Let’s join him!!!. And after that.. I was crazy about them.. Went to differents cigar clubs… Learning about the art of smoking. For me is like playing a piano… A real art.

3)how many cigars do you smoke during the day?

I used to smoke every day in New York.. Since I had a cigar club right on my building ( Carnegie club).. But now I tried to smoke only twice a week.. I am not getting any younger.. Lol!!! I have to take care of my skin.

4)which is the best place you have smoked a cigar?

The best place I smoked a cigar?… I will always remember this particular one.. Just by myself after a party.. In Vegas.. When I realized who really was a friend to me… I just walked in a store in Cesar’s palace and got a whole box of padrons… Very out of my price range at that time and just walked the whole Vegas strip smoking my 40 dollar cigar …I really remember that one.

5)what do you use to cut the cigar?

I cut my cigars if I am at a club..with a cutter mainly…Otherwise a punch… Easy to carry it around.. With my house and car keys.

6)how do you feel while you are smoking?

When I am smoking… I feel that that’s my “me time” a pleasure that I can enjoy by myself.. And I like to keep it very of mine… Is like my little special moment …

7)when do you light your first cigar of the day?

I have the rule of never smoke before 5 in NYC or before 12 noon in Vegas… Since I always have a drink with my cigar.. ( drinking rules)…

8)what is the cigar for you?

What is a cigar for me?: As I said before… Is like art.. A beautiful understanding of art.. You learn little by little and when you finally had it figured out you really enjoy it.

And as a woman is more of a challenge …. I like to sit and talk about cigars with people that knows about it.. And they get mesmerized by the fact that a woman love cigar… And knows how to play poker… Lol!!!

Thank you very much Gissel to share your smokin experiences. Good ashes

-Massimo Busciolano-

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  1. Robert P Anderson
    Robert P Anderson 5 anni ago .Rispondi

    Gissel a very nice interview. And very nice pictures long ashes to you

  2. Anthony White
    Anthony White 4 anni ago .Rispondi

    Great interview !!!

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