“Kasie Kucharski„

This time we meet Kasie “KC Kay”. She is a midwest woman born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. She spent many years planning and executing field events across the United States for Fortune 500 companies as a sales and marketing professional. After some changes in her life, she has opted to follow the journey to what she loves which is travel and cigars.

She is  a certified travel consultant and cigar lover. Her love of cigars has led to a whole new world of people, relationships and opportunity. She recently started a Facebook group to support her business Cigar Life Concierge which focuses on boutique brands. With this new business, she ie able to combine her love of travel, events and cigars and help others experience the same!

 She  enjoys crafting and creating things that make her happy. She also loves spectator sports and enjoys soccer, American football, basketball & boxing!

1)when did you start to smoke cigar?

 I first started smoking cigars when I was in college with some of the guys. It didn’t matter what it was back then! I’ve been seriously smoking cigars now for about five years.

I always enjoy the shock value of lighting up a cigar in a new place and people in awe of ‘a woman smoking’ cigars.

2)why did you start to smoke cigar?
When I got serious, it started because I was stressed out. I had just relocated about two weeks prior, and received a phone call from a neighbor that my house back home had flooded. I found a cigar shop near my new home and they introduced me to the finer cigars that day! The owner said to me, “you look like you need a drink too. Let’s pick out something to drink first, then we will pick out your cigar.”
That was the night my appreciation for cigars truly began!
At the time, I worked at home, so that particular cigar lounge became my mobile office. To this day, I am very comfortable working in cigar lounges.
3)how many cigars do you smoke during the day?
I generally smoke a few times a week because I don’t smoke in my home. Living in the Northern US, it’s too cold to smoke outside every day! During winter, I will frequent my local brick and mortar shops to enjoy a good smoke. Usually I smoke just one cigar, but here are definitely days where I smoke two or more!
4)which is the best place you have smoked a cigar?
The best place I have smoked thus far would be on the beaches of Puerta Plata in the Dominican Republic. Sand in my toes, waves washing across my feet and a great sunrise to watch!
In general though, I enjoy smoking with friends. I like the camaraderie and the fellowship of comparing cigars, flavors and just relaxation.
Cigars go everywhere with me, and people that know me know that I will always have a few in my purse. Even my evening clutches are large enough to hold a couple of cigars! When I first started smoking cigars, I was driving a lot for work. So cigars were my relaxation but also a means of staying awake on the road. I would pick and choose cigars based on the distance that I had to drive. If I was smoking more than one while driving, I would put my selections in order based on mild to strong options.
5)what do you use to cut the cigar?
I am a fan of the punch, however I have a small tool attached to my key chain that I use most often to just put small slits in the top of the cigar.
I’m not a fan of straight cuts so much, because it always leads to tobacco in the teeth!
Who wants to see a woman with tobacco in her teeth?
6)how do you feel while you are smoking?
Smoking is my relaxation, it calms me and allows me to think through my day or not think at all. Normally, I am always on the go so taking the time to smoke a cigar forces me to take some time to calm down and relax.
Smoking also makes me feel strong, sexy. It makes me different from other women in that I do something that they do not.
It is also empowering to light up a cigar and have men actually look at you as an equal in this world. I love the surprise that men show when they see me light up a cigar and I enjoy the shock value to this day!
7)when do you light your first cigar of the day?
I am usually an afternoon or night time smoker, but sometimes when it is warm out I enjoy a cigar with my coffee in the morning on my patio.
8)what is the cigar for you?
I have so many, so it is difficult to choose. Currently, my favorite is a small boutique called Luj Cigars. My current favorite from their offerings is the Edida Morpheus Maduro in Grand Toro size.
The longer I smoke, the more my taste changes and refines. I am always on the lookout for something different, and I enjoy the detail of the boutique brands.
I often pair cigars with something to drink, but not the typical offerings. I will pair a sweet cigar with a homemade jalepeno margarita, or a spicy cigar with an Irish cream liqueur. I enjoy mixing and matching the different flavors and notes.
Thank you very much Kay for your time. Good ashes.
-Massimo Busciolano- 

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    What a very nice interview KC Kay. She is a beauiiful woman , she is a strong woman long ashes

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