“Melia Habana Hotel„

I am Massimo Busciolano, I am a cigar smoker. I like to go to La Habana when I can and I usually am guest at Melia Habana Hotel, in Miramar.

I like to stay in this hotel because I don’ like the confusion. You know, during the latest years Cuba is became the place everyone want to visit.

Miramar is the embassies  neighborhood, with the wonderful 5th avenida.

Melia Habana hotel is my little paradise corner. I use to smoke my cigar after breakfast along the amazing pool, the biggest pool in La Habana.

As a cigar smoker I suggest to visit La Casa Del Habana, you will find it just in front of the pool.

Not troubles at all to eat too, you will find different kind of restaurants in the hotel.

Melia Habana rooms are very nice, with a beautiful view on the ocean and on the pool. And if you like luxury pleasure, I suggest to choose the room from the 7th level, you really enjoy your vacation.

Enjoy your cigar, enjoy Cuba.

-Massimo Busciolano-

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