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My name is Nancy Nieves, currently living in Southern California. Since this is a cigar site I will tell you my story of how I started smoking cigars. I was 15 years old when I started thanks to my mom. Tuesday’s/Thursday was spiritual cleaning day. My mom would light her cigar, flip it around, and start blowing the smoke out of the cigar, she then worked her way from the back of the home to the front. I never understood the why, but liked the smell of the smoke. When she wasn’t looking I took a puff, inhale and choked. As always I got into trouble, but it got me hooked on smoking cigars. Here I am 27 years later enjoying a good smoke.

When did you start to smoke cigar?

-I have been smoking cigars for 27 years

Do you have a favorite size?

-Depends on the mood, occasion and cigar I will be smoking. I tend to lean toward Corona and Churchill sizes in the evening and petite corona in morning.

When do you start your first cigar of the day?

-I prefer smoking in the morning between 8-10 a.m. or nights after dinner 6-10 p.m. I live in California so I have to be mindful of temperature – I don’t enjoy smoking cigars in hot weather.

What is the cigar for you?

-There are so many good cigars I enjoy from different regions. My cigar has to be medium-to full bodied. My top cigars are Bolivar Habana Belicoso, Cohiba Habana Churchill, Fuente Fuente Opus X BBMF, Padron 1926 or 1964, Davidoff Millennium or Double R

What do you use to cut the cigar?

-Generally I use a Guillotine, but will use whatever is available, including my teeth if necessary….

Do you have a special place to smoke?

-My special smoke place is my patio around the fire pit – but if I had a choice I would smoke inside my home. I love the aroma and the power of relaxation.

How many cigars do you smoke per day?

-I smoke twice a day and will sometimes squeeze in a third depending on the situation.

suggest a pairing…a cigar with….

I am a whisky girl. So naturally I will say single malt Scotch Whisky but Patron Coffee Tequila, Wine and even Jager taste good with a cigar.

Most recent combination:

Man o War Virtue with Macallan or Arbeg

Aurora Ecuador with Balvenie or Dalwhinnie

of course later on finish it off with a small glass of milk or chocolate to sooth my palate.

Thank you very much Nancy for your interview, good ashes.

-Massimo Busciolano-

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