”Punch ManTua ER Italia„

Punch ManTua ER Italia has arrived on the market. Size Laguito n.2, ring gauge 38 mm152, is the same size of Montecristo Especial n.2

In these times of huge size, it’s a real pleasure to smoke this cigar. I smoked  and  found it very good.

Oily and maduro wrappers, it’a a pleasure just to see it.

Only 2400 boxes maden, in box of 50 cigars.

As the other regional ediction is not so easy to find, but let me tell you, if you will find a box, buy it.

Punch ManTua ER Italia deserves to stay in your humidor.

Good ashes my friends.

-Massimo Busciolano-

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  1. Alan Husted
    Alan Husted 2 mesi ago .Rispondi

    Great Smoke,that’s all that I can say!!!

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