“Ruth Rosebery-Wegner„

My dears cigars aficionados I am gld to introduce Ruth. Let’s the interview started.

when did you start to smoke cigar?

About 7 years ago.

do you have a favorite size?
when do you start your first cigar of the day?
Depends on what I have going for the day. A weekend or holiday is a first thing in the morning deal…otherwise an afternoon and evening cigar to relax and enjoy.
what is the cigar for you?
I have several favorites. Sooooo many nice cigars out there! I love all the La Aurora cigars, the 100 year is my favorite of those, I like the Jamie Garcia, and another favorite is the Tatuaje , and Opus X cigar.  Recently am loving the Reformed cigar as well!
what do you use to cut the cigar?
I prefer the V cut. It is a cross between a punch and a perfect cut, works on a torpedo as well.
do you have a special place to smoke?
I smoke at Broadway Cigar Company often. They have three shops and are opening a fourth- so they are everywhere-it’s a great way to wait out traffic or hang out. At home my favorite place is in the hot tub.
 how many cigars do you smoke per day?
Generally a couple of cigars a day, on holiday or at the Big Smoke a few more.
suggest a pairing…a cigar with….
I like finding a cigar to go with whatever am doing or eating – but my favorite pairing? Either a nice scotch like The Balvenie 12 yr, or Bulleit Bourbon.
It was a real pleasure read yours words Ruth. Good ashes.
-Massimo Busciolano-

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  1. Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 4 anni ago .Rispondi

    A very nice interview Ruth. Enjoy a fine cigar lovely lady long ashes to you

  2. Andy Anderson
    Andy Anderson 4 anni ago .Rispondi

    Beautiful Lady

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