”Shantee Downer„

My name is Tay!  I am a native San Diegan. My love for cigars began two years ago when my brother is medicine ask me to help him with his cigar company by adding a little beauty and class.  It took one day and I was hooked!  I am a nurse by trade, but at night I host and attend nothing but the best and exquisite cigar events around Southern California.
When did you start smoking cigars?
I love to smoke a good stick at the end of my shift, which is usually 8 am, to help me wind down. I enjoy accompanying it with a glass of D’usse on ice.
Do you have a favorite size?
My preferred size is the 7 x 70.  Go big or go home!
Do you have a special place to smoke?
My favorite location locally to smoke is Excalibur in Clairemont.
What is used to cut the cigar?
When I cut my cigar, I use what is best for the cigar that I am smoking. I use the punch for cigars not rolled so tight, and the V for those that are. It just depends.
What is the cigar for you?
Now the stick I fell in love with is the Drew Estates Opulence 3.  With its sweet aromatic influence and maduro wrapper anyone would be hooked.
How many cigars do you smoke per day?
As far as how many and how often I smoke well, good things come with time.  I smoke once a week after I’ve completed my 3 shifts to indicate its time to relax and unwind.  My cigar is my reward for keeping people safe, being an excellent nurse leader, and providing top notch nursing care to the patients on my unit.
Thank you very much Shantee and good ashes.
-Massimo Busciolano-

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