“Tee Harter„

Another meetinng with a Cigar Lady. This time we meet Tee. Shee has been a fitness trainer and nutritionist for over 25 years.  Let’s read the interview.

1)when did you start to smoke cigar?

I’ve been smoking cigars for about 15 years now.

2)why did you start to smoke cigar?

I started smoking cigars because I just loved the smell of them. On my very first cigar I was Hooked!

3)how many cigars do you smoke during the day?

I’m not able to smoke everyday due to time constraints but when I do smoke it’s usually in the evening because it helps me unwind.

4)which is the best place you have smoked a cigar?

Typically, I like smoking by myself.  It gives me that quiet time to gather my thoughts. However, I recently went to a local Cigar Bar here in Lancaster Pa and fell in love! The people were so friendly.  I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all being there by myself …

5)what is the cigar for you?

I truly don’t really have a favorite cigar because I always like finding new exciting ones.  However if I had a go-to cigar, it would be La Aroma de Cuba.

Thank you very much Tee. Good ashes.

-Massimo Busciolano-

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  1. Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 5 anni ago .Rispondi

    A very nice interview Tee a lovely lady good ashes

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