”Women who smoke cigars„

I like women. I like Cuban cigars. The highlight for me, is a beautiful woman who smokes cigars. On my website I have a section dedicated to women who smoke cigars.

I saw a comment about a photo of a woman smoking a cigar that has given me a lot of hassle and that prompted me to write this article.

Though we live in 2014, there is still some limited mental sees something pornographic in a woman smoking a cigar. I believe that this person has problems of a sexual nature, or rather who does not live well his sexuality.

Unfortunately there are many who think like the person bigoted and hypocritical.

To all these beautiful people, I would say that there is only one way to smoke a cigar. To enjoy good of a good smoke, you have to give rich puffs, otherwise better not to smoke.

I want to tell a story. Years ago I was selling Cuban cigars. Once every seven days, came to the store a couple, husband and wife, to take a few cigars to smoke during the week.

To help in the choice, I used them a few questions “technique.” A reply was always the lady. One day I asked which of them smoked. The husband replied that it was his wife who loved to smoke cigars. The lady was ashamed to go to the store to buy tobacco so asked her husband to accompany her. The few times that he had communicated to others her passion for cigars, was derided.

My dear women  who smoke cigar, I know it can be difficult to smoke cigars in public. Some idiot will make you a mischievous smile. A friend of yours tells you that you are vulgar.

Women go ahead and smoke without shame. Enjoy your cigar.

Knowing how to smoke a cigar is class and education. Being able to enjoy a cigar with a rum or a single malt, as well as make a gift to your senses, enrich the cultural baggage.

You will always be one step ahead of everyone. You are always very elegant with a cigar in hand. And if the cigar will add a touch of sex appeal, make good use of it as you would with a nice pair of shoes from the heel 12.

The mischievous will alwaysbe in the eyes of those who look at you. As my friend Guido Carloni always says, good ashes wooman.

Following, Italian version

Mi piacciono le donne. Mi piacciono i sigari cubani. Il massimo per me, è una bella donna che fuma sigari. Sul mio sito web ho una rubrica dedicata alle donne che fumano sigari.

Ho visto un commento relativo ad una foto di una donna che fuma  un sigaro che mi ha dato molto fastidio e che mi ha spinto  a scrivere questo articolo.

Nonostante viviamo nel 2014, c’è ancora qualche limitato mentale che vede qualcosa di pornografico in una donna che fuma un sigaro. Io credo che questa persona abbia dei problemi di natura sessuale o meglio che non viva bene la sua sessualità.

Purtroppo  sono in molti a pensarla  come la persona bigotta ed ipocrita.

A tutta questa bella gente, vorrei dire che c’è un solo modo di fumare un sigaro. Per godere bene di una buona fumata, si devono dare ricche boccate, altrimenti meglio non fumare.

Voglio raccontare una storia. Anni fa vendevo sigari cubani. Una volta ogni sette giorni, veniva a negozio una coppia, marito e moglie, per prendere pochi sigari da fumare durante la settimana. Per aiutarli nella scelta, facevo loro qualche domanda “tecnica”. A rispondere era sempre la signora.  Un giorno chiesi chi di   loro fumasse.

Il marito rispose che era la moglie che amava fumare i sigari. La signora si vergognava di recarsi al negozio per comprare tabacco cosi chiedeva al marito di accompagnarla.

Quelle poche volte che aveva comunicato ad altri la sua passione per i sigari, veniva derisa.

Amiche donne fumatrici di sigaro, so che può essere difficile fumare sigari in pubblico. Qualche idiota vi farà un sorrisetto malizioso. Una vostra amica vi dirà che siete volgari.

Mie care andate avanti e fumate con gusto e senza vergogna.

Saper fumare un sigaro è classe ed educazione. Saper apprezzare un sigaro con un rum o con un single malt, oltre a farvi un regalo ai vostri sensi, arricchirà il bagaglio culturale. Sarete sempre un passo avanti a tutti.

Sarete sempre molto eleganti con un sigaro in mano. E se poi il sigaro aggiungerà un tocco di sex appeal, sfruttatelo come fareste con un bel paio di scarpe dal tacco 12.

L’essere maliziosi sarà sempre negli occhi di chi vi guarda. Voi godetevi un buon sigaro. E come dice sempre il mio amico Guido Carloni, buon fumo donna.

-Massimo Busciolano-

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    Thank you Massimo for taking the time to express your thoughts on women who share a passion for cigars.

    As a cigar enthusiast and one who is passionate about a fine cigar I agree with you. The “taboo” in many parts of the world is so unfortunate in its acceptance of a woman enjoying tobacco. Many of my friends in Europe in particular are frustrated and have to smoke privately in places where they are not scorned or looked at in a demeaning way by both sexes. And so I am grateful and appreciative of the cigar clubs, forums and societies that celebrate “everyone’s interest and love of cigar tobacco….in particular the acceptance of a woman indulging with great pleasure and not care in the world about what others think.

    As for the “small minds”……I do find a small minority of men who sexualize a woman who smokes her cigar and who very often makes lewd and inappropriate comments. Unfortunately, we can only choose to ignore this behavior and celebrate only the people who celebrate with us. Personally, I have been fortunate and always embraced in the company of the men and friends that I smoke with and share my photos with in person at a cigar bar/club or lounge.

    Unfortunately, as you said, there are men with unhealthy mental states, and sexualize the images of women smoking cigars…….this will never change. However, as a woman, I am also offended by the women who feed the minds of these men with photographs that are pornographic images of themselves smoking a cigar. The sexualized images of these women on a daily basis on “Facebook” in particular encourage the behavior of these particular men. And quite honestly it embarrasses me and it use to expose me to these men until I learned to look at the profiles of every man who sends me a “friend request” before accepting them. I look at the images they like, the comments they make and the friends they have and judge them based on what their preferences are. I do not worry if one or two get in by accident……because very often, they will expose who they really are and I block them.

    So, unfortunately my dear friend Massimo, the fetishes, pornographic images of women smoking cigars will never end. So I simply choose my friends wisely and celebrate the ones who love what I love and who only see me and my Sisters Of The Leaf in the brightest and most beautiful light.

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