“5 domande a: Matteo Speranza„

Matteo was born in Toronto, Canada from Italian parents. Spent a few years in Italy and love his heritage. Restaurateur by trade, Cigars are his passion with Cuba in his Soul. Soon to combine all that for a joint venture focussing on Cuban Culture, the Arts, Food & of course Cigars. Living the dream.

1) when did you smoke your first cuban cigar?

I smoked my first Cuban Cigar in the early 90′s….92-93.


2) which is your favorite vitola?

 Deciding on a favorite vitola is tough. Although I love the Rodolfo, I have to say the Cañonazo is probably my #1.


3) the best cuban cigar smoked in your life…

The best Cuban I ever smoked was the Cohiba Sublime EL 2004.


4) when do you light your first cigar of the day?

When I am able, I like to have my first cigar after breakfast.


5) please suggest a cuban cigar with a rum, single malt or something like this…

For the paring I like to suggest:  Behike 54 with….Ron Zacapa 23 year old (from Guatemala)


Thanks Matteo for sharing, enjoy your cigars…

4 Responses to "“5 domande a: Matteo Speranza„"

  1. Amir Saarony
    Amir Saarony 7 anni ago .Rispondi

    Congrats Matteo!

  2. Daniel Rochette
    Daniel Rochette 7 anni ago .Rispondi

    Nice to know more about you Sir! Mucho Successo para ti if I can expesss it that way. Graci to Mr. Massimo for the interview!!

  3. Massimo Busciolano
    Massimo Busciolano 7 anni ago .Rispondi

    you are welcome Daniel…

  4. Tomas
    Tomas 7 anni ago .Rispondi

    Nice to “know” a little bit more of you Matteo! All respect to you.

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