“Bernice Underwood„

Dear MB followers, this time I meet Bernice.

She is owner/operator of CAMI, a social media marketing company which connects cigar products, services and events to cigar enthusiasts.


Let’s read the interview.

When did you start smoking cigars? 

I’ve always had an affinity for the intoxicating aroma of cigars. I began my personal experience with them in 2008.  There’s something wonderfully special about the world of cigars.  The connection of people from all walks of life despite our differences is what ignites my passion and fuels my desire to study the rich history of cigars.

Do you have a favorite size? 

I love the look and feel of Perfectos but I often smoke Toros in size 52X6.

When does your first cigar of the day start? 

I make an effort to start my mornings with a cigar alongside a strong cup of French roast coffee.  When time restrictions effect my morning cigar routine, you can be certain my evening will include a full body cigar paired with either a glass of red wine or a delicious bourbon.

What is the cigar for you?

My love of Cuban cigars is deep & passionate. Montecristo #2 is my all time favorite.  It’s perfection in a stick!  When I am not smoking a Cuban cigar, I enjoy the irresistible aroma and taste of a fresh handrolled cigar.  My favorite handrolled cigar is a Stallion blended by Remix Cigars. 

What is used to cut the cigar? 

I am a v-cut convert. Though there are times I use a punch cut for a specific stick.  If you’ve never applied a punch cut just below the tip of an LFD Double Ligero Chisel, it’s worth trying.  The punch cut opens up the flavors allowing you to taste all the nuances of this wonderful cigar.  

Do you have a special place to smoke?

Smoking at home on the deck or nestled under the tree in my sisters’ garden are my comfort zones.  Enjoying a great cigar in the outside elements under the open sky is where I find peace.

How many cigars do you smoke per day? 

Weekends, special celebrations and holidays are times I indulge in 3 or more.  However, daily cigar enjoyment is scaled back to just one.

Thank you very much for the time spending with us. Good ashes, Bernice.

-Massimo Busciolano-

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  1. Flam
    Flam 3 anni ago .Rispondi

    Dope interview… Much success!!

  2. Tony A DeGruy
    Tony A DeGruy 3 anni ago .Rispondi

    My shero.

  3. Adrian Council
    Adrian Council 3 anni ago .Rispondi

    Keep me posted on events in the New York metropolitan area thank you!

  4. Warren M. Hayes
    Warren M. Hayes 3 anni ago .Rispondi

    Very informative

  5. Jerrell Smith
    Jerrell Smith 3 anni ago .Rispondi

    Very nice interview!!!!

  6. Lazaro Marin
    Lazaro Marin 3 anni ago .Rispondi

    Ms. Underwood captures the peacefulness of a great smoke, with an essence of virtue, reaching the soul. Great interview! Long ashes.

  7. Carl
    Carl 3 anni ago .Rispondi

    That’s my girl you did a hell of an interview abs great job on ask questions luv.

  8. Redd Foxx
    Redd Foxx 3 anni ago .Rispondi

    Beautiful interview for a most beautiful woman!!

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