”Yeimin Asquena Martinez„

Dear MB followers I am glad to introduce Yeimin, following  the interview.

When did you start smoking cigars?

I smoke cigar since 2012.

Do you have a favorite size?

My favorite cigar is of soft texture, no matter the measure that it has.

When does your first cigar of the day start?

I do not have a specific time to smoke.

What is the cigar for you?

The cigar for me is like falling in love. In the first place, I am attracted to its form, I remain with its flavor and I always remember it; also accompanies me in pleasant and unpleasant moments of my life.

What is used to cut the cigar?


Do you have a special place to smoke?

I like to smoke in attractive, quiet and pleasant places like: parks, beaches, bar and also in rural places.

Thank you very much for your time. Good ashes.

- Massimo Busciolano -

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